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Our Alpacas

Last Updated: 2023-11-04T16:57:31Z


We are one big family here at Chilled... and one unsung part of the family is the Chilled Alpaca Herd! 

Our owners, Loren & Richard, have a small herd of alpacas that they care for and look after... They are great fun and very cuddly!

We have a different alpaca for each pub... You can find out more about the herd below...



Merlin - The Bulls Head

Merlin is a bit of a greedy-guts... He loves his food and will eat anything he can get his hands on! Especially Thierry and Walter's leftovers...

Merlin is calm and quiet, and goes about his day with minimal fuss. He is a very friendly boy who loves a cuddle and a walk around the field with his owners!



Thierry - The Joiners Arms

Thierry is the golden child... an extremely friendly alpaca who loves everyone and anyone! He is very inquisitive and always gives his owners a kiss every morning... 

Named after one of world football's greatest, he is often found playing with his football in the field! Although, despite his many attempts, the rest of the Chilled Herd are not interested in joining his Alpaca United team...



Hettie - The Swan at Walton

Hettie is the most outgoing of the Chilled Herd, and one of the most loving too...

Sadly, Hettie was born deaf, however she is by far the most brave, fearless and inquisitive alpaca... No matter what it is, she will run up and sniff it!

Hettie is a very friendly alpaca and loves spending time with her owners, but once she sees the food bucket... You'd better run!



Walter - The Hunloke Arms

Walter is the smallest and most shy alpaca, who always puts the rest of the herd first... Sometimes he even lets Merlin eat his breakfast..! He never leaves the field and loves spending time with his mum, Garbo.

However, this is all for show! Secretly, Walter is an top undercover alpaca agent... 

Keep this to yourself... But he has been caught scaling the sides of the shelter before to spy on other herds... Shhhhhh!



Garbo - The Three Tuns

Garbo is a good looking alpaca... And she knows it!

She loves having her photo taken, and always knows where the camera is... However, Hettie is often found photobombing Garbo's alpaca modelling shots... She gets very cross!

Garbo treats the rest of the Chilled Herd like staff... they're always running around after her fetching food and water!



Hermione - The Blue Stoops

Hermione is a very friendly alpaca who loves spending time with the humans!

Hermione likes to help round up the other alpacas for feeding, or general alpaca welfare, sometimes forgetting that she too is an alpaca... However she isn't much help when it comes to evenly distributing the food...

Just like her name sake she seems to have magical powers... One minute she is eating grass with the others... Then all of a sudden she will appear behind you with her nose in your pocket, trying to snatch any treats you might have!



Lucy - The Bulls Head East Leake

Lucy is in many ways the leader of the Chilled Alpaca Herd…

She has the final say on herd matters, and is always on the look out for trouble… (mainly watching out for her owners' cocker spaniel!)

Lucy is very kind and caring, always looking after her fellow alpacas and making sure that everyone shares their food equally…

She has her work cut out running around after her daughter, Hettie, who is known for causing mischief!