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Add pre-orders to your booking!

Because there is no such thing as going OTT...

We now have a range or pre-order products that you can add to your booking ahead of visiting us...

Any pre-ordered items will be waiting for you at the table upon arrival, OR will be brought to you when seated... Perfect for any kind of celebration!

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Celebration packages

Premium Balloon Arrangement - £9.50
  • A classy must-have for any kind of special occasion...
  • 3x premium metallic balloons, filled with helium and attached to some ribbon and a weighted hessian pouch

GIANT Numbered Balloons - £14.50 each
  • Select your desired number(s) and add to your booking
  • All balloons are filled with helium and attached to some ribbon and a weighted hessian pouch

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Chilled Merchandise

Chilled Alpaca Toy (Thierry) - £9.50
  • We have an alpaca toy for each of our pubs, based on our real-life Chilled Alpaca herd!
  • Thierry is our Joiners Arms alpaca! You can find out more about the rest of the Chilled Alpaca Herd below ⬇️

Joiners Arms Hoodie - £35
  • THE most premium, cosy hoodie... EVER... (probably!)
  • See for yourself... ⬇️

Add to a booking Meet the herd Chilled Hoodies

GIANT Cookies

Giant Cookie - £19.50
  • Choose from a range of designs...
  • Pick your cookie flavour...
  • Your GIANT cookie will be waiting for you at the table!

Please note: Giant cookies can ONLY be added/removed from bookings up to 72 hours before the time of the booking...

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Funky Cocktails

Birthday Cake cocktail - £8.50
  • A cocktail that tastes just like birthday cake..!
  • Amaretto + Milk + Monin birthday cake syrup + Cream + Sprinkles + Icing

Chilled Bathtub cocktail - £14
  • The staple Chilled Pubs sharing cocktail...
  • Finlandia vodka + Limoncello + Archers Schnapps + Lemon sorbet + Edible bubbles + Bath time duck (not edible!)

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Champagne & Prosecco

When life gives you reason to celebrate... You need something to toast the moment!

  • Da Luca Prosecco (Brut) - £28.50

  • Moet Chandon Brut - £36

  • Moet Chandon Rose - £40.50

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